Friday, August 1, 2014

The Essential Four-Color FAE

I've seen several posts on the Fate Core and FAE communities asking for a guide to running supers. +Mike Lindsey+Reagan Taplin+Gary Anastasio, and others have worked on writing, refining, and playtesting these rules. For my part, I want to collect those posts into a single list.

The Four-Color FAE series:
  • Part 1 - Power facts, the basic idea behind supers in FAE. Includes a character sheet for Miss Martian as an FAE super.
  • Part 2 - Character roles in the supers genre, or "who is playing the fighter?"
  • Part 3 - Approaches vs. Skills in Fate. Why FAE does a better job at supers.
  • Part 4 - Extras in FAE. "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
  • Part 5 - Aspects and immunities in Fate. A suggested house rule for how to handle characters who are simply immune to something.
  • Part 6 - A list of inspirations for the New Troy supers game.
  • Part 7 - Mercury Man, a PC created in FAE and based on the Flash.
  • Part 8 - Concessions Before Consequences, or how to model the ebb and flow of comic-book conflict.
  • Part 9 - Starseed, a PC created in FAE and based on the Green Lantern.
  • Part 10 - Character creation for the New Troy game, including PC concepts. Uses A Spark in Fate Core, a tool for creating a campaign world.
  • Part 11 - Issue 1 of the New Troy game, introducing the PCs.
  • Part 12 - Muramasa, a sample villain created in FAE.
  • Part 13 - Character sheets for Golden Age PCs in FAE.
Bonus characters:

You can see the evolution of an FAE super character, Batman.

Young Justice characters:

AmazoArtemisKid FlashMiss MartianRobinSuperboy

Avengers Accelerated:

The Battle of New York from "The Avengers", if it had been played out as a conflict in FAE. An illustration of how to use the Fate fractal to stage large-scale fights.
  1. Part 1 - The Invasion Begins
  2. Part 2 - The War
  3. Part 3 - Avengers Assembled
  4. Part 4 - Hope is Lost
  5. Part 5 - The Sacrifice Play
D. Willhite annotated these into a single document, with rolls and other mechanics highlighted. You can find it here.

Games using Four-Color FAE:

This list isn't complete, but if you are looking for ways that people are applying these rules, here's where to start.

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