Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Four-Color FAE: Supers Gaming via Fate Accelerated - pt12

Since I am still working on my second-session synopsis, I thought it might be fun share some of my villain builds with my readers in the interim. 
Here is the mystically-possessed super-villainess, Muramasa
  • Aspects
High Concept: Nice girl possessed by a demon-sword
Trouble: The sword grants me strength...and rage
Other Aspects: Fascinated by Japanese mythology; Niece of Zen-do; My enemies shall be cut
  • Approaches
+3 Flashy
+2 Quick, Sneaky
+1 Clever, Careful
+0 Forceful
  • Stunts
- As My Blade can Cut Through Anything, I gain +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage when using my fearsome sword against obstacles.
- Since I am as Beautiful as I am Deadly, I gain +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage when dealing with those susceptible to my physical charms.
- As I am Like a Leaf in the Breeze, I gain +2 to Quickly Overcome physical opposition that stands in my path.
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress: OOO
  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4)
  • Severe (6)
Power Facts
  • The demon-blade Muramasa grants Hana a warrior’s spirit and reflexes
  • Supernaturally enhanced, the blade can cut through anything not protected by magic
  • Hana quickly reverts back to her normal, easygoing personality if too-long removed from contact with the sword. In this form, her aspects are changed to reflect this, and her Flashy and Careful approaches are switched.
  • Background/Personality:
Quote: “This vessel tires of being a good girl; it’s more fun to be the bad girl. But you like bad girls, don’t you?”

Hana Mitsurugi is a student-teacher of Japanese Mythology at New Troy Pacific University, and the niece of Andrew Mitsurugi (aka. Zen-do).

When the Muramasa sword was brought to the New Troy Pacific Heritage Museum for display, she was excited to study it. But the evil sword soon gained a grip on her; causing her to evil acts at night that she would not recall performing the next day.

Eventually her nightly reign of terror was stopped by the hero Arrowhead in one of his early adventures, and the demon-sword was returned to it’s rightful place.

But the sword is now bound to Hana; and somehow the blade winds up again and again in her hands by happenstance, even though she professes to want nothing more than to be free of it’s curse.