Friday, June 27, 2014

Four-Color FAE: Supers Gaming via Fate Accelerated - pt13

Tomorrow is Go Play NW here in Seattle, a convention for RPGs and story games. We here at Station53 play to run an introductory adventure of Four-Color FAE, both because we love it and because it will be a great avenue to see how players, both experienced FATE players and those new to FATE, grok the rules. In particular, I want to see how easy it is to understand the power permissions concept. +Gary Anastasio has a Golden Age adventure prepped, which he describes as a "high octane classic superhero smack-down". We created a number of riffs on the classic archetypes of the era ready to go a pregens.

Next week we'll have a recap of that session, but for now, here's the characters we'll bring to the table (and links to each character's sheet):

High Concept: The man of!
Hero analogue: Golden-Age Superman

High Concept: Patriotic action hero fighting for justice
Hero analogue: Captain America

High Concept: Crusading Valkyrie Battle Leader
Hero analogue: Wonder Woman, Thor

High Concept: Stage magician turned amateur sleuth and crime-fighter
Hero analogue: Zatara, Doctor Thirteen

High Concept: Wise-Cracking Socialite Turned Crimefighter
Hero analogue: Batman, Golden Age Sandman

High Concept: Blue-Collar Elastic Crimefighter
Hero analogue: Plastic Man

High Concept: Jet-propelled freedom-fighter
Hero analogue: Hawkgirl

High Concept: Powerful Protector Of The Wilderness
Hero analogue: Bigfoot!!  (also, The Hulk)

High Concept: Headstrong Princess of Lemuria
Hero analogue: Namor, Aquaman, The Little Mermaid (per +Mike Lindsey)

High Concept: The world’s greatest detective! (and his sidekick)
Hero analogue: Green Hornet and Kato, Batman and Robin

High Concept: The Fastest Man Alive!
Hero analogue: The Flash


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