Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Four-Color FAE: Supers Gaming via Fate Accelerated - pt5

The saga continues! I this post, I suggest a new rule for FAE that grants a Fate Point when an action is denied due to an aspect that grants immunity.  
This is largely inspired by a similar mechanic in Mutants and Masterminds that grants Hero Points under similar circumstances. 
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Aspects and Immunities in FAE Supers

It's a common scene in heroic fiction: the hero attacks the Big Bad, only to find the villain completely unphased by his best efforts.

"Your attacks are futile against my (fill in aspect here)!"

This is fun, and is great for building a story where the heroes face insurmountable odds only to overcome the opposition through perseverance, creativity, know how...and a little luck.

But as a player experiencing this, it not fun at all. You just wasted an action that could have been used doing something productive (like creating an advantage, or overcoming an element aiding the villain) on a useless attack action followed by ritual belittlement.

To offset this, I am proposing the following rule; the first time that an immunity aspect is 'invoked' in a scene (this is a free invocation, as the aspect is already true), the opposing party that prompted the invocation is paid a Fate Point.

This sweetens the pot a little bit, doesn't slow down the game, and doesn't break the Fate Point economy. It also creates a cost for taking immunities; you are potentially granting a Fate Point to the opposition that they will surely use against you in other ways.


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