Monday, January 20, 2014

Four-Color FAE: Supers Gaming via Fate Accelerated - pt4

Continuing my series about supers gaming in FAE, in this post I discuss the use of Extras with my group.
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Extras in Fate Accelerated
Just where does he get all those wonderful toys?
You may note that in all of my builds I devote an area to Extras for each character.

In Fate Core, Extras are largely objects or powers that expand the scope of character abilities beyond the standard options offered in Chapters 1-10.

But in Fate Accelerated, your character aspects can do that by themselves.  So what are 'Extras' in FAE?

Exactly that: extras.

Batman is still Batman without his Batmobile, or his Bat Plane, or even without the Batcave. He has these things even without needing them as his core (his main five) aspects.

But without them, the Bat has no way to get where he wants to go, and nowhere to rest when he is not in action. So although these items may not be essential, they are part of the character's mythology and are worth noting.

In short: Extras are there to round out your character. You may start with 0-3 as your starting character, and acquire more in play.

In brief:

* Extras are aspects, and work as other aspects do.
* Extras are fragile; they are things that are subject to change or even being lost in play.
* Extras are never character-defining. Captain America's van is an Extra: his shield, however, would be one of his five main aspects.

We will talk more about Extras during character-creation, including the possibility of adding team extras to add some flavor and expand the options of the group.


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