Friday, October 4, 2013

Young Justice Character Highlight: Superboy (FAE)

Working on my Young Justice builds, I finally got around to Superboy!

My apologies for the delay, fangirls.;-)

He wears a black t-shirt and paratrooper pants, and likely listens to Korn. Your sister thinks he's 'kind of hot'.

But hey- Superman family, right? Can't hate too much. Enjoy:

Superboy (Des. B04)
  • Aspects
High Concept: Emo Cadmus-created Kryptonian -human hybrid
Trouble: Anger-management issues
Other: Almost as good as the real thing
  • Approaches
+3 Forceful
+2 Quick, Flashy
+1 Clever, Careful
+0 Sneaky
  • Stunts
- Because I am Almost as Powerful As Superman, I gain +2 to Forcefully Attack or Overcome when my super-strength can be a significant factor.
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress: OOO
  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):

  • Extras
Zeta-tube access: Designation B-04; Mount Justice HQ access

  • Vital statistics
Real name: Conner Kent
Alias: The Weapon; Project Kr
Age: 16 weeks (16 years physiologically)
Species: Kryptonian-Human hybrid genomorph

  • Power Facts
  • Super strength: allowing him to easily pick up or carry heavy objects.
  • Super leap: To compensate for his inability to fly like Superman, Superboy uses the super-strong muscles in his legs to jump incredible distances and heights.
  • Invulnerability: Like Superman, Superboy is nearly indestructible. He has yet to be permanently injured, but he does experience pain.
  • Super hearing: Superboy can pick up the faintest of sounds over long distances.
  • Infrared vision: This ability allows Superboy to visually detect heat signatures, allowing him to easily see in the dark.

  • Background/Personality:
Although he desires to be a good hero, Superboy has anger issues. Having spent his first 16 weeks of existence as a science project and mind-controlled puppet, Superboy is defiant and does not like being told what to do or being dismissed.

He often behaves with an air of extreme confidence, due in large part to the fact that he is Superman's genetic clone, and was created in order to replace him. This makes him exceedingly overconfident in his abilities to the point that he ignores the help of others and impulsively throws himself into situations that he cannot handle on his own.

Superboy is somewhat anti-social and has a hard time getting along with others or showing his emotions. As such he constantly behaves in a confrontational manner to all people, even those who are attempting to be kind towards him. Even simple things like making amends with people who he has wronged is a tough concept for him to understand.
Superboy can understand and speak many languages outside of English. He is at least fluent in Spanish, Atlantean, French, Korean, Arabic and Russian, among other languages. Likely due to the G-Gnomes, Superboy has an encyclopedic knowledge of World History.


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