Monday, October 28, 2013

The Walking Dead: Magic Items

Adam and I have a lot of fun turning on the snark while reviewing the latest episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead." The characters in the show bring a lot of useful (and sometime not so useful) magic items into play while not stabbing zombies or dying in some grotesque manner. Here are a few of our favorites.

Herschel's Bandanna of Accusation

- Bring broad judgement on anyone (at-will)
- Glows blue when people lie
- Gain +2 bonus when train robbing

Carl's Jr. Homicide Trooper Hat

- Gain +2 WIL vs. "The Adults are Speaking"
- Wearers under the age of 18 gain "Justifiable Homicide" Aspect

Michonne's Katana of Zombie Slaying

- Critical Chance 5-20 (d20)
- 75% of being vorpal
- Unique, because there can be only one.

Darryl Dixon's Angel Wing Vest

- Gain +3 to Crossbow Skill
- Vest of Protection (+3)
- Berserker Rage 1/day
- Back-stab (x3) damage
- Vest effects stack with "Badass Poncho" (sold separately)

Rick's Vorpal .357 Magnum

- Critical Chance 10-20 (d20...I'm just saying, the guy manages to shoot a lot of walkers in the head from dubious firing platforms)
- Only reloads when dramatically appropriate

Dale's Hat of Disapproval

- Gain disapproving look of "Dale Face" (at-will)
- Lose -2 WIL when facing reality, -4 vs. undead
- Slowly sways wearer's alignment towards "Lawful Useless"

Tyreese's Clawhammer

- "Hammertime" 1/day, multi-attack for 1d6 rounds
- +3 if performing as token black guy.

Aunt Carol's Box o' Knives

- Confers a +1 knife bonus to anyone under the age of 12.
- Turns any child over the age of 6 into a stone-cold zombie killer in 1d4 weeks.

- If Andrea is in your inventory, she will fight for your party as a 5th-level fighter
-90% chance per session that Andrea will betray your party to the opposition
- Andrea cannot be working for both sides of a conflict. If this happens, Andrea destroys herself and is removed from play.

Coming Soon:

  • Darryl's Badass Poncho
  • Beth's "Home PTSD" kit
  • Shane's Glock of Adultery
  • Merle's Stubmaster-100 tactical amputee system
- Dave & Adam

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