Friday, October 11, 2013

Young Justice Character Highlight: Kid Flash (FAE)

Resident speedster, flirt and goofball of Young Justice: Kid Flash.

More than a one-note character, KF is actually pretty clever and charming, if largely driven by his id. Presented here using FAE rules like my previous posts:

Kid Flash (des. B03)

  • Aspects
High Concept: Ever-confident teenaged speedster
Trouble: Always runs hot
Other Aspects: Every problem has a rational solution
  • Approaches
+3 Quick
+2 Flashy, Clever
+1 Forceful, Sneaky
+0 Careful
  • Stunts
- Because I am a Hyperactive Speedster, I gain +2 to Quickly Create an Advantage when my superspeed is a factor.
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress: OOO
  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):
  • Extras
Zeta-tube access: Designation B-03; Mount Justice HQ access

Kid Flash (Google Drive)

Edit: Edited on 10-13-13 based upon Reagan Taplin's suggestions. Thanks Reagan!

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