Friday, November 22, 2013

Character Highlight: Louis CK, Bard (FAE)

Louie, in his natural state...
Ah the bard, the bastard of fantasy games everywhere! He's not good enough at casting spells to substitute for the wizard, he's not good enough to be your primary fighter, and he lacks the skills to do all the stealth/trapfinding/lockpicking your thief or ranger has in the bag. Sure, he can heal a bit, but he's no cleric! He's the jack of all trades, but the master of none, and your party will often grumble when he can't do all the stuff other classes do. To top it off, no matter how you flavor him, jokes about floppy hats and jinigling bells never go away.

Alas, poor bard!

The next time you feel like playing a bard, make his shortcomings the focus of the character! Afterall, he can do a lot right? Who else uses his shortcomings to his advantage? Well, none other than the master of self-deprecation, Louis SzĂ©kely!

Armed with a strong sense of self-loathing, your hate is his strength. Need a boost in combat? Perhaps snarky observational comedy will put you over the edge! Have to charm your way past the armed guards to get into the necromancer's castle? Louis CK has you covered with some fart/poop/fat jokes to completely disarm them! Fear not, my powerful band of adventurers, this bard is armed with the power of COMEDY!

Louis CK, Bard
There's no such thing as a cheap laugh.
High Concept: The Bard Of New Amsterdam
Trouble: I Know The Enemy And It Is Me
Other:  Jack Of All Trades - Master Of None (Except Failure), The Power Of Comedy

   +3 Clever
   +2 Careful, Flashy
   +1 Sneaky, Forceful
   +0 Quick

  • Because I was a Surrealist Comic, I gain a +2 to Sneakily Attack or Overcome when Astragaloid Pyuria Admits Shrimp Tire Iron.
  • Because I Eat A Lot Of Junk Food, once per session I can reroll any Defense against a Food-Borne Or Poison Attack.
  • Because I am Experienced With Hecklers, I gain +2 to Cleverly Defend when someone tries to Charm, Coerce, Intimidate or Trick me.
Refresh: 3
Stress: OOO

   Exasperated (2)
   Discouraged (4)
   Fuck It         (6)

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