Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Character Highlight: Iron Man via Fate Core

Damn, it's good to be a super hero. 
Ever since I noted that Fate Core supported supers, I've been posting up supers for Fate. 

It's no secret that FAE is my preferred flavor of Fate in general, but I have recently been trying to shore up some love for Fate Core as it is the mothership for the current version of Fate. 

With these ideas in mind, here is my take on Iron Man/Tony Stark using the 'out-of-the-box' rules from Fate Core. Note that the build below assumes a massive +11 Refresh for Stunts/Extras.

Iron Man (Fate Core)
  • Aspects
High Concept: Billionaire playboy turned Armored Avenger
Trouble: Smartest guy in the room..and he knows it
Other Aspects: Soul of an artist, heart of palladium; I can make it better!; It’s lonely at the top
  • Skills
+4 Crafts
+3 Lore, Resources
+2 Drive, Rapport, Shoot
+1 Athletics, Fight, Notice, Will
  • Stunts
Tech Genius: Adds +2 to Crafts or Lore when dealing with high-technology.
Charming Scofflaw: Tony’s reputation as a rake helps in certain circles. Gain +2 to Rapport when dealing with parties that might find a handsome billionaire genius attractive.
Alternate Armor: Once per session, Tony can reallocate his Extras below to represent an alternate armor design, provided that story permissions grant access to his tech.
  • Extras
Iron Man Armor: When in his Iron Man armor, Tony Stark has access to the following effects:
  • Gold-Titanium-Alloy Armor (3): Grants Armor: 4 vs physical stress. He is also immune to environmental stress up to and including the vacuum of space, provided that his life-support system is online.
  • Super-Strength (5): The armors servos greatly enhance the users physical strength. Add +6 to Overcome via Physique while in the armor, and Weapon: 4 to physical attacks.
  • Weapon Systems (2): Targeting enhanced weapon systems make the Iron Man a formidable opponent. Add +2 to Shoot at Weapon: 4 when using the armors systems.
  • Combat Computer: Add +2 to Fight or Athletics once per Exchange, when used in Defend or Attack actions.
  • Spectrographic Scanners +HUD: The Iron Man armor features an on-board computer (JARVIS) driven spectrographic array. Enables +2 to Overcome when sensory superiority can be a factor.
  • Terrestrial Flight: The Iron Man armor is capable of Mach-2 speed flight: gain +2 to Create an Advantage via Drive while in the armor.
Refresh: 1
Physical Stress: OO
Mental Stress: OOO-O

  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):