Friday, November 8, 2013

Plug And Play: Character Highlight - Fatal Accelerated Enterovirus (FAE)

The world is a disaster of epic proportions. Governments have struggled to respond, and devastated populaces have resorted to violence and looting just to survive. The pandemic of 1918 is small potatoes compared to this viral outbreak. Need a villain for your FAE game? Stand back in awe of the awesome cataclysm caused by the -

Fatal Accelerated Enterovirus!

High Concept: Deadly Biosafety Level-4 Viral Pandemic
Trouble: Kills Its Host Quickly
Other:  Highly Infectious, Grotesquely Disfigures Host

+3 Quick
+2 Flashy, Sneaky
+1 Forceful, Clever

  • Because I am Transmitted Through Airborne Inhalation, I gain a +2 to Sneakily Attack when I am among large groups of people.
  • Because I Express Hemorrhagic Pustules, I gain a +2 to Flashily Attack when someone comes into direct contact with my host.
  • Because I have a Rapid Incubation Rate, I gain a +2 to Quickly Defend when my host is being treated.
  • Because I have a High Mutation Rate, once per session I can remove my highest consequence.
  • Because I am Globally Endemic, once per session I can make an attack on any living creature. With success, the creature becomes infected, but not contagious; when I succeed with style, the creature becomes instantly contagious.
Refresh: 3
Stress: OOO

  • Suppressed (2):
  • Vaccinated (4):
  • Eliminated (6)

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