Friday, October 18, 2013

Character Highlight: Communism (FAE)

Often the best thing about a movie is its villain, and this applies to role playing games as well. Sometimes you need the perfect, unstoppable, monolithic BBEG to oppose your players. Who better, then, to grind them into submission than an inhuman, unrestrained, oppressive government?

Watch your players quake in fear when they go toe-to-toe against COMMUNISM.

That's one diverse adventuring party!

High Concept: The Worker’s Utopia - On Paper
Trouble: Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Other: “In Worker-Owned State, State Own You!”

+3 Forceful
+2 Sneaky, Careful
+1 Clever, Flashy
+0 Quick

- Because I am A One Party System, I gain a +2 to Forcefully Attack when dealing with those ideologically opposed to me.
- Because I have Complete Control Over The Media, I gain a +2 to Sneakily Create An Advantage when communicating with someone through the media.
- Because I have a State Run Monopoly On Production, I gain a +2 to Carefully Overcome obstacles when I try to acquire any physical thing.

Refresh: 3
Stress: OOO

Long Bread Lines (2):
Reforms Aren't Working (4):
New And Untested Leadership (6):


Secret Police, Endless Supply of Poverty-Stricken Workers, Gulag, Checkpoint Charlie

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