Thursday, June 19, 2014

Character Highlight: Kasumi Tenaga (Jadepunk)

Hello again, everyone!

As a follow-up to my recent review of Jadepunk, we will be posting up some character builds using the system. First up is Lady Kasumi Tenaga, exiled noblewoman with a demon-blade.

Like all Jadepunk characters she is made up of Aspects, Professions and Assets. Kasumi spends most of her available Fate-Point Refresh on Assets: in this case her various dragon-school Techniques, a Device in the form of her fearsome demon-blade, and an Ally in the form of her loyal retainer, Toshiro Makabe.

Kasumi Tenaga
Rebellion_Wojtek Fus.jpg
  • Portrayal: Last scion of Clan Tenaga (Kaiyu)
  • Background: Trained in the arts of the Onaga Sword School
  • Inciting Incident: Lord Asano destroyed my family
  • Belief: I must restore my family’s fortune and honor
  • Trouble: I don’t know if I am worthy
  • +3 Explorer
  • +2 Aristocrat, Fighter
  • +1  Scholar, Scoundrel
  • +0 Engineer

Dragon Takes Flight
  • Type: Technique
  • Guiding Aspect: Trained in the arts of the Onaga Sword School
  • Features: Focus 2 (Explorer +2)
  • Flaws: Situational (Only when overcoming obstacles through movement)
  • Cost: 1
Dragon Strikes True
  • Type: Technique
  • Guiding Aspect: Trained in the arts of the Onaga Sword School
  • Features: Focus 2 (Fighter +2)
  • Flaws: Situational (Only when attacking in a duel)
  • Cost: 1
Dragon Moves With Grace
  • Type: Technique
  • Guiding Aspect: Last scion of Clan Tenaga
  • Features: Focus 2 (Aristocrat +2)
  • Flaws: Situational (Only when you attempt to impress in high society)
  • Cost: 1
Ancestral sword, “Ao Oni no Tsurugi”
  • Type: Device
  • Function Aspect: Demon-blade crafted from green jade
  • Features: Harmful 2, Exceptional (Deadly sharp; a defender cannot mark a stress box when hit)
  • Flaws: Troubling (Aspect: The sword demands that I fight!), Situational + Limited (Exceptional feature is only applied if you succeed with style, once per scene)
  • Cost: 1
Toshiro Makabe
  • Type: Ally
  • Function Aspect: Loyal retainer of Clan Tenaga
  • Features: Professional 3 (+2 Fighter, +1 Engineer, Explorer, Scholar), Sturdy, Independent
  • Flaws: Troubling (Aspect: Legendarily stubborn and contrary)
  • Cost: 2
Refresh: 1
Stress: OOO
  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):

Born into a life of comfort and privilege, Kusumi’s life was shattered when her family was framed as plotting against the government by the conniving Lord Jubei Asano.

Armed with her family’s ancestral sword and accompanied by her loyal retainer Toshiro Makabe, Kusumi has come to Kausao City - where Lord Asano is now an influential council member - to expose his misdeeds and restore the good name of her family.
Kusumi is armed with the Green (Jade) Demon Sword, Ao Oni no Tsurugi. Legend states that the crafter of the sword had a heart filled with turmoil and violent passions: and indeed, she finds that whenever she draws the sword she is compelled by a powerful urge to fight. But the demon-blade also lends her it’s strength: a strength that she believes necessary to stand any chance of achieving her goals.

Kasumi Tenaga (Google Docs)

*Note: Edited to reflect correct costs for Assets. Thanks to Ron Frazier on G+ for the assist.