Monday, June 23, 2014

Character Highlight: Akifumi Oh (Cyber Jadepunk)

As mentioned in Reagan Taplin's post last week, we are gearing up soon to play a Jadepunk game via Google Hangouts, with the first session scheduled for July.

Rather than using the world as presented, our future Jadepunk game (dubbed 'Cyber Jadepunk') will explore the world of Kausao City almost a century forward in time from the setting presented in the book: where jadetech has progressed well beyond the steampunky into something resembling cyber-technology. 

With this idea in mind - and to provide an example- let's look at crusading reporter turned super-hacker, Akifumi Oh:

Akifumi Oh
  • Portrayal: Crusading reporter turned vengeful hacker
  • Background: I gave up a life of luxury to pursue justice
  • Inciting Incident: Virtually imprisoned for twelve long years
  • Belief: I will taste all that life has to offer before I’m done
  • Trouble: Beneath the snow-capped mountain, an unquenchable fire
  • +3  Scholar
  • +2  Engineer, Fighter
  • +1  Explorer, Scoundrel
  • +0  Aristocrat

Black-Jade Implant
  • Type: Device
  • Function Aspect: Black jade subdermal implant
  • Features: Exceptional (Use your Professions to interact with jade); Focus 2 (+2 Scholar)
  • Flaws: Situational 2 (When interacting with networked devices only), Troubling (Aspect: The channel goes both ways...)
  • Cost: 1
  • Type: Technique
  • Guiding Aspect: Virtually imprisoned for twelve long years
  • Features: Focus (+1 Fighter); Harmful 1 (+1 Shift)
  • Flaws: Limited (Melee attacks only)
  • Cost: 1
Old-Boy Network
  • Type: Ally
  • Function Aspect: The old-timers still remember me
  • Features: Professional 2 (+1 Scholar, +2 Scoundrel); Aspect (Well-Informed)
  • Flaws: Limited (Once per-scene)
  • Cost: 1
Secret Bank Accounts
  • Type: Technique
  • Guiding Aspect: I gave up a life of luxury to pursue justice
  • Features: Flexible (sub Scholar for Aristocrat)
  • Flaws: Situational (Only when your purchasing power matters)
  • Cost: 1
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress: OOO
  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):
Although born from an immigrant family, Akifumi Oh enjoyed a life of privilege: the best schools, the best opportunities, the best connections. A new white-jade powered roadster at age 16; and plenty of beautiful and well-connected friends. 

But during his schooldays young Akifumi saw a glimpse of how the other-half lived in Kausao City; and the spark of niggling doubt grew into the flame of righteous indignation. 

Upon completing his schooling he passed up other more lucrative opportunities to become of crusading reporter for the Kausao Times; covering the underbelly of lies and corruption that was the foundation of the city’s unequally distributed riches. 

By age 30 he was as famous as he was infamous; welcome at many a party, bar and bedroom door throughout the city. All of this changed one night: stumbling drunkenly home looking for late-night auto-rickshaw, he was abducted by unknown parties and immersed into saline bath, where he was locked into a virtual reality prison..for twelve long years.

Having eventually freed himself by learning how to communicate with and manipulate networked jadetech, Akifumi has sworn revenge upon the unknown parties that once made him their prisoner. And he is willing to use any tool at his disposal - including the permanent black-jade implant he gained when he was abducted - to achieve this goal, whatever the consequences might be for himself or others.