Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Character Highlight: Nuala, Sorceress Queen of Fomor (FAE)

Heroes need villains: otherwise they have little purpose.

With this idea in mind, here is Nuala, the Mighty Sorceress Queen of Fomor via FAE. Note that she is created here as boss-level NPC: as a PC, she would be +3 Major and +9 Significant Milestones.

Nuala, Sorceress Queen of Fomor
  • Aspects
High Concept:
Avatar of Water & Queen of Fomor
Trouble: The old order must be restored
Other Aspects: Immortality allows for long-term planning; The waters speak to their Queen; I love all of my little pawns, everyone of them
  • Approaches
+5 Flashy
+4 Clever, Sneaky
+3 Careful, Forceful
+2 Quick
  • Stunts
- Since I have seized the Diadem of Power, I gain +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage when my ability to impose my will upon others can be of use.
- As I am Subtle as I am Beautiful, I gain +2 to Sneakily Overcome in social situations where I can apply seduction or deception.
- When I command my Pool of Scrying, I can ignore distance limitations when viewing remote actions, provided that there is a pool of water at the scene in question.
- As Sorceress of the Waters, I gain +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage where my command of water magics can be of assistance to me.
- While cocooned in my Protective Bubble, I can grant +1 to Defend Against Physical Attacks directed against a single area.
- Once per session I can summon Servants of the Deep; mooks thus summoned can have stress boxes equal to my Flashy Approach.
- Once per session I can create a Great Wave, allowing me to Flashily Attack an entire zone with a huge wave of water.
  • Refresh: 2
  • Stress: OOO
  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):
  • Background
As a young girl, Nuala spent a great deal of time at the shore of the sea: listening and communing with it’s waters, and seeing the great sea of mist that had both protected and imprisoned her people from time immemorial.

The mists seemed to speak with her, always saying:

“Remove us, and embrace your destiny.”

When she reached adulthood, Nuala heeded these voices by first seducing the mighty Fomorian King Balor VI, and then overthrowing him and taking his place as Queen of Fomor: devoted to re-establishing her people as the natural rulers of Aea. 

To this end she used her might to remove the veil that barred her people from the larger world; now they seek to rule the world that had both shunned and forgotten them behind the mists of time and memory.

Queen Nuala believes that her power is proof of her destiny to bring order to the realms. All that is within her all-seeing sight must be brought under her command. Even the Fomor, who she decrees the natural rulers of the world, are but pawns in her larger plans.

As Avatar of Water, Nuala draws upon her awesome powers from an otherworldly source. But the world must always be in balance- somewhere there must be another power that balances or even neutralizes her own, if only it were to be found...