Sunday, December 8, 2013

Character Highlight: Naeriel Bladesong (FAE)

Related to my ongoing Dungeon World posts, here is my PC Naeriel Bladesong via FAE.

I hope to post up some other characters soon to demonstrate modeling traditional fantasy archetypes using Fate Accelerated.

Naeriel Bladesong (FAE)
  • Aspects
High Concept:
Elvish Blade-Dancer of Andulan
Trouble: The song of the duel is my reason for being
Other Aspects: Acolyte of Master Eangwine; The law of the balance must be maintained; The songs of my people ever guide me
  • Approaches
+3 Quick
+2 Forceful, Flashy
+1 Careful, Clever
+0 Sneaky
  • Stunts
- As I am Trained in the Sword-Dance, I gain +2 to Quickly Attack with a sword in hand.
- As a Master Duelist, once per session I can Create the Advantage ‘Locked in a Duel’ when facing a worthy opponent.
- Being Schooled in Elvish Lore, I gain +2 to Cleverly Overcome when my Elvish knowledge of nature and ancient records might be of use.
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress: OOO
  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):
  • Extras
Ornate Elvish Blade, Fine Wood-spun Armor, Darts (hidden in armor), Traveling kit + rations
  • Background
Naeriel was born to noble family of Andulan. Even from a young age she loved to dance - in the dance she felt freedom and a profound connection to the Song of Aea.

One day she crept over the wall that shielded to exercises of the school of the elvish Bladedancers - and spying upon the students performing their ancient and graceful katas she was entranced by their fearful dance, and vowed to learn the deadly arts of their order. Under the watchful eye of Master Eangwine she learned to dance in the steps of these masters of swordplay. 

Now a master herself, Mistress Naeriel seeks the lands for worthy opponents to test and practice her skills; to dance the perfect dance, whatever the cost.